Trimble Yield Monitoring


Yield Monitoring

Optical yield and moisture sensors accurately collect the yield and moisture data for a variety of grain crops. This information is critical for precision agriculture operations—allowing you to perform valuable analyses to enhance your decision making, season to season.


            In-field Yield Monitoring

  • Accurately view, map, and record crop yield and moisture data in real-time to instantly understand how well your crop performed.
  • Variety Tracking: Map and compare the performance of different seed varieties throughout your field.
  • Load Tracking: Record the amount of grain harvested and loaded onto your trucks.
  • MoistureTracking:Determineifgrainneedstobestoredordriedbasedonthein-fieldmoisturecontent.
  • Auto-cutWidth:Adjust the cut width automatically when traveling over odd-shaped fields, point rows, or other previously harvested areas to avoid inaccurate area and yield calculations.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Install yield monitoring on a wide range of combines, based on your setup and needs.


In-office Yield Analysis

  • Use FarmWorks Software Solutions to generate a yield map—from the data collected during harvest—to view and evaluate the performance of your crop.
  • Use actual load ticket data to reconcile yield maps with recorded weights to create the most accurate yield map for analyses.
  • Identify areas of high or low performance to help plan next year’s crop
  • Determine the best seed variety for your farm
    Generate yield reports and compare cost/profitperacre

Yield Monitoring

  • Apply the results of your yield analysis to develop a plan for next year’s field operations using farm Works Software.
  • • Create prescription maps for variable rate application of seed, chemicals, and/or fertilizer
    • Budget seed, chemical, and/or fertilizer costs for the next year
    • Layer topographic maps with your yield map to correlate potential water management issues with your field


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