Trimble Field-IQ Sprayer Control














Field-IQ For Spraying

Overlapping spray inputs increases fertilizer and chemical costs while risking potential harm to the environment. The Field-IQ system applies the correct amount of fertilizer and chemicals to your field while preventing spray overlap.


  • Decreases input costs
  • Eliminates over-spraying


Applying fertilizers and chemicals from the incorrect distance above the crop can increase the risk of damage to crops and the environment. The Field-IQ system automatically adjusts the height of boom sections with sensors that measure the distance between ground cover or plant canopy.


  • Provides even application of product
  • Reduces operator fatigue

Boom Height control for Sprayers

  • Automatically adjust boom height with ultrasonic sensors that measure the distance between ground or crop canopy, resulting in an even application of material
  • Minimize environmental impact and ensure the health of neighboring crops by eliminating off-target applications of products
  • Automatic height sensing reduces operator fatigue by eliminating the need for manual boom switching


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