Trimble Field-IQ Planter Control


Trimble’s Field-IQ crop input control system is a flow and application control system that prevents seed and fertilizer overlap, controls the rate of material applications, monitors seed delivery and fertilizer blockage, and controls the height of spray booms. The Field-IQ system runs on the TMX-2050 display, FmX® integrated display, and CFX-750 display. Each of these displays supports a different combination of Field-IQ functionality—giving you the ability to choose the interface option that fits your needs.

Field-IQ for Planting and Seeding

Overlapping inputs will increase your costs and creates nutrient deficiency in soil due to overpopulation of seed. The Field-IQ system controls planter clutches and a variety of air seeder systems by automatically turning sections on/ off based on non-farm zones and previously planted areas.


  • Increases yield
  • Saves on Crop Inputs


Monitoring seed population, eliminating skips and multiples, and maintaining correct seed spacing are critical in producing the maximum yield per acre. The Field-IQ system helps growers prevent yield loss by monitoring

the results of singulation analysis in real-time so that adjustments can be made immediately.


  • Eliminates over-planting
  • Ensures proper seed spacing
  • Prevents lodging and nutrient competition



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