Trimble FarmWorks Surface Software


FarmWorks Surface Software

Software for the WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution.

Farm WorksTM Surface software is an analysis and design tool for use with the Trimble® WM-DrainTM farm drainage solution. Surface ensures the optimal placement of tile and surface drains in both surface and sub-surface drainage water management projects, helping to drain fields adequately and increase crop yields.

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          KEY FEATURES:

  • Topographic surveying with the WM-Drain solution provides growers and contractors with an easy method of data collection.
  • 3D modeling provides a digital representation of the field, detailing the high and low spots.
  • Display watershed maps to easily identify different drainage areas.
  • View tributary lines and flow arrows that show the predicted flow of water, allowing the grower or contractor
    to determine the area requiring new drainage solutions.
  • Design drainage systems with powerful —yet easy to use—mapping tools.
  • Seamless data transfer between field and office with the Connected FarmTM solution.
  • Design planned guidance lines that follow terraces, boundaries, and other features.

2012_Surface_Topography_Tributary Lines

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