Trimble AgGPS 372 Antenna

Ag 372 Antenna

Trimble AG-372 GNSS Receiver:

Trimble Agriculture is excited to announce that the new Trimble® AG-372 GNSS receiver is now available to order.

The AG-372 GNSS receiver is a high-performance GPS and GLONASS smart antenna receiver designed specifically for agriculture applications. This receiver uses the latest Trimble GNSS technology; it can track up to 44 satellites simultaneously while using up to 220 total channels from multiple GNSS constellations. Its GNSS receiver and dual-frequency antenna are integrated into one unit for simple installation.

The AG-372 GNSS receiver delivers unmatched accuracy and performance in a rugged unit that can stand up to the harsh conditions typically found in farming environments.

The receiver is suited for agriculture applications such as:

  • Automated guidance
  • Precision application of seed and fertilizer
  • Planter row and sprayer section shut-off
  • Yield monitoring
  • Mapping

    The AG-372 GNSS receiver is best suited for precision agriculture solutions that do not already include a display with an integrated high-performance GNSS receiver, such as the Trimble FmX® integrated display and the Trimble CFX-750TM display.


    • Latest Trimble dual-frequency 220-channel GNSS receiver
    • GPS and GLONASS enabled
    • Supports most correction services:
      • –  Trimble CenterPointTM RTK, VRSTM, and RTXTM services
      • –  OmniSTAR HP, XP, and G2
      • –  SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS
    • Same iconic design as the AgGPS® 262 receiver
    • Same equipment compatibility and mounting footprint as the AgGPS 262 receiver

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