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Trimble FarmWorks Surface Software

2012_Surface_3D_Grid Lines

FarmWorks Surface Software Software for the WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution. Farm WorksTM Surface software is an analysis and design tool for use with the Trimble® WM-DrainTM farm drainage solution. Surface ensures the optimal placement of tile and surface drains in both surface and sub-surface drainage water management projects, helping to drain fields adequately and increase crop yields.           KEY FEATURES: Topographic surveying with the WM-Drain solution provides growers and contractors with an easy method of data

Trimble WM Drain


The Trimble® WM-Drain® farm drainage solution is a concept to completion toolset that streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and mapping steps of surface and subsurface drainage. The WM-Drain solution ensures optimal 3D drain placement, which improves crop yields by controlling ponding, optimizing root depth, maximizing planting seasons, and minimizing nutrient loss. BENEFIT FROM STREAMLINED DRAINAGE Complete all your drainage operations with one integrated solution improve Crop yields up to 30% inCrease operating effiCienCy up to 20% Compared to using