EZ Steer Assisted Steering System

EZ-Steer application 0018 June05

The EZ-Steer® system turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and a motor with guidance from any Trimble® display.

While the EZ-Steer system keeps you on line, you can focus on many different tasks such as machine performance and improving job quality and crop yields.

Improved Operations

The hands-free guidance enables you to reduce fatigue, improve safety on your farm, and focus on the job ahead of you.

Easy Transferability

With installation in less than 30 minutes you can quickly move the EZ-Steer system from one vehicle to the next and get moving.

Quick Disengagement

The EZ-Steer motor also easily locks away from the steering wheel when not in use, allowing you to manually guide your vehicle at any time.

Increased Productivity

The EZ-Steer system can help you complete field operations more quickly, accurately, and efficiently compared to manual steering alone.

Display Compatibility

The EZ-Steer system is compatible with the Trimble TMX-2050TM display, FmX® integrated display, CFX-750TM display, and EZ-Guide® 250 system.


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