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Encirca Yield

Plans and Prescriptions that Profit












Drive yield with real-time management of seed, Nitrogen, irrigation and other inputs.  Work with your Encirca Certified Services Agent to help you tailor your plans to unique Environmental Reponse Units (ERUs) to drive production and profitability.



Certified Services Agents

Your Dedicated WorkforceDedicatedCSA

DedicatedCSAEncirca services are designed to offer you a new perspective – personalized insights into your land.

Our mission is to work with you to deliver information that is customized for you, integrated with the data you need; combined with our knowledge and expertise. We’re here to help you make the most of your management decisions so you can maximize your productivity and profit potential while minimizing risk.

Your local Encirca Certified Services Agent is versed in the industry-leading technology and analytics we provide. We will work with you every step of the way to create plans customized to your fields and conditions.

We also consult with you to interpret the dynamic information available as the environment changes. Working with you to determine the best management practices to apply the right amounts, at the right time to help you achieve better yields and more profit.

No matter your seed choice or equipment brand, we’re with you to chart a course for your challenges.


Encirca Yield Nitrogen Management Service

Planning and Prescriptions that Profit

The Encirca Yield Nitrogen Management Service is based on our strong agronomic expertise, combined with strategic partnerships that redefine soils and crop modeling.  Fueled by an exclusive hyper-local weather network, we help you increase profitability through real-time actionable insights and field-by-field recommendations from fall application through pollination.

Read our Nitrogen Management Service technical paper to learn more.

Enabling Technologies

Environmental Response Units (ERUs)

More accurate soil data through first-of-a-kind ERUs, developed through collaboration with the USDA, University of Missouri and DuPont Pioneer.


The Nitrogen Model

Our proprietary Nitrogen model mimics crop production through the season and utilizes wireless data transfer to instantly access accurate information from the cab, such as planting and harvest information, to make timely decisions.

  • Easy to Use and Mobile by Design

For the first time, you can see your field information in a manner that allows you to easily adjust scenarios to plan for the future through the model’s predictive analysis features.

You can also see your Nitrogen levels as the environment changes and make decisions based on dynamic information, not just intuition. Seamlessly run scenarios to manage the possibilities.



Encirca Yield Stand

Maximizing Early Season Yield Potential

Encirca Yield Stand is a service that provides you information to make decisions that can help maximize early season yield potential. Encirca Yield Stand Service works together with the Encirca Yield Nitrogen Management Service to maximize productivity across your operation.

Yield Advantage

Recent research from DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Sciences has identified an 8 to 13 bushel potential yield advantage by implementing variable rate seeding. Encirca Yield Stand provides variable rate seeding prescriptions for the hybrids you want to plant.*Stand

recent study by the University of Missouri and the USDA-ARS revealed that the three dimensional view of soils provided better representation of corn yield environments than traditional public soil maps in 80 percent of more than 400 fields analyzed.


Every farm is unique, and every field is variable.

We call these variable productivity areas Decision Zones.  Building Decision Zones that are tailored to your farm will help you look at each field in an entirely new way, and are delivered through two steps.Topography

  • Soils – The essential building block of crop production. EncircaSM services provides deeper insights by combining the proprietary analytics of DuPont Pioneer with soil characterization, topography and watershed expertise from the University of Missouri and the United States Department of Agriculture – Agriculture Research Service, to further predict how crop yields will respond to inputsYieldbyDecisionZone
  • Yield Target – We’ll work with you to identify a yield target for each field.  Unique weighted productivity values are then applied to establish yield targets for each Decision Zone. Your local advisor will use your Decision Zones to generate prescriptions for variable rate applications.


Variable Rate Seeding Prescriptions are just the start.

Every 1,000 plants that contribute to final yield are worth 5-7 bushels per acre.* Encirca Yield Stand is designed to help you maximize your crop stand, and resulting yield.

Conditions can change in-season in the blink of an eye. With Encirca Yield Stand you can easily make changes in real-time to adapt to changing weather or soil conditions, with multiple prescriptions by product for each field.  Encirca Yield Stand also includes risk analysis tools that keep yield and profit front and center, even under the pressure of a difficult planting season.

The Encirca Yield Stand Planting Priority tool sorts all unplanted fields and highlights those that are at greatest risk if you wait to plant.  This allows you to understand the impact of your logistics decisions and give you an integrated view of your information so you can make changes to maximize yield and profit potential.

Your planting plan is used to project your crop’s development throughout the growing season, using precise weather data from the exclusive DuPont Pioneer/DTN Ag Weather Network.

  • Create various scenarios to see how hot summer days might impact your pollination.
  • Understand the likelihood of an early freeze or the likelihood of a late harvest.

Consider your logistics plans for nitrogen side dress or fungicide applications, or even harvest planning.PlantingPriority
















Insights from Post-Season Treatment Analysis

In addition, Encirca Yield Stand will continue to deliver insights through crop harvest. Analyze your corn or soybean yield data at the Decision Zone level to benchmark, validate, and calculate return on investment and relative performance.

Work side by side with a trusted advisor to highlight potential management changes for continuous improvement.  Harness all your yield information into one system, available at your fingertips.



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