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A New Perspective


Isn’t it amazing how a new perspective on something can shed a whole new level of insight into the information that we become accustomed to around us? Below is a video of the first several flights of our new Inspire 1 Quadcopter from Extreme UAS. It is a very exhilarating and humbling experience to take in what we thought of as familiar surroundings in whole new perspective. Similarly, our Encirca Services Crop Modeling, Analytical and Data Management Services can shed new light

UAV – Aerial Crop Scouting


Schmid Ag Technology recently invested in a DJI Inspire1 UAV. We will be using this UAV as an aerial crop scouting tool to give our growers a new perspective on their farming operations, fields and crops. We believe this will be a great addition to the host of Encirca Crop Consulting and Agronomy Services we offer as we strive to offer a holistic range of new age Decision Agriculture services and premium Precision Farming hardware products.

Encirca Yield


Encirca Yield Plans and Prescriptions that Profit                     Drive yield with real-time management of seed, Nitrogen, irrigation and other inputs.  Work with your Encirca Certified Services Agent to help you tailor your plans to unique Environmental Reponse Units (ERUs) to drive production and profitability.     Certified Services Agents Your Dedicated Workforce DedicatedCSAEncirca services are designed to offer you a new perspective – personalized insights into your land. Our mission is

Encirca View


Encirca View Real-Life Decisions in Real-Time   Encirca View makes it easy to record, organize, and share crop observations. Using a convenient mobile app, your notes are automatically geo-referenced, so you can pinpoint improvements and layer information field by field. My Viewcan toggle between years to see historical trends, helping inform decisions year to year. Community Viewprovides real-time information on crop conditions, growth stages, and soil moisture updated daily by thousands of people literally in the field.   Upgrade to EncircaSM View Premium for

Encirca Services

Encirca 1 Logo

Encirca Services Encirca services deliver real-time crop insights that improve productivity, increase profitability, and provide sustainability for future generations.         Convenience The enormous volume of farm-level data growers now handle-from new precision ag technologies as well as from traditional information sources-can be unwieldy and disconnected. Effectively using the data requires the ability to compile and analyze it to make insightful decisions.   Profitability Commodity prices are softening, inputs costs are on the rise and access to land

DigiFarm VBN Cellular RTK


DigiFarm VBN Cellular RTK   How Does The Virtual Base Network Operate? There are several “differential” signals available to end users today, many of which experience satellite drift over time, effectively moving AB lines, field borders, and coverage areas within your fields. RTK corrections, known as real time kinematic, is consistently the most precise signal available providing repeatable sub inch accuracy. In DigiFarm’s infancy, the company’s focus was offering a cellular single base RTK correction service to clients. This solution

Trimble FarmWorks Surface Software

2012_Surface_3D_Grid Lines

FarmWorks Surface Software Software for the WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution. Farm WorksTM Surface software is an analysis and design tool for use with the Trimble® WM-DrainTM farm drainage solution. Surface ensures the optimal placement of tile and surface drains in both surface and sub-surface drainage water management projects, helping to drain fields adequately and increase crop yields.           KEY FEATURES: Topographic surveying with the WM-Drain solution provides growers and contractors with an easy method of data

Trimble FarmWorks Mapping Software

FARMWORKS_Authorized Dealer_VECTOR  LOGO_black_CMYK

  FarmWorksTM Mappingsoftwareprovidesamappingandfieldrecordkeepingsolutionthatis compatible with a wide range of precision farming devices. You can layer topographical and yield maps to establish yield performance, and compare these with a multiple year average to identify areas that deliver consistently high or low yields. Utilize a combination of soil types, soil test results, yield maps, or other data in creating simple or complex variable rate prescription maps. Guidance paths can be created or edited, and reports can be printed for seed varieties, restricted

Trimble Connected Farm


The Connected Farm Dashboard Provides A Single Location For Viewing Key Information Impaction Your Operation. With this information, you can make better informed daily decisions using the latest data. The dashboard is customizable and accessible using any device with an Internet connection, including the Trimble TMX-2050 in-cab display.           COMMODITY PRICES Create your own commodity list and rearrange it to your preference.           WEATHER FORECASTING Monitor future precipitation and wind to assist in the

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