A New Perspective

Isn’t it amazing how a new perspective on something can shed a whole new level of insight into the information that we become accustomed to around us? Below is a video of the first several flights of our new Inspire 1 Quadcopter from Extreme UAS. It is a very exhilarating and humbling experience to take in what we thought of as familiar surroundings in whole new perspective.

Similarly, our Encirca Services Crop Modeling, Analytical and Data Management Services can shed new light from a different perspective into the “familiar” information on a farming operation. What factors could be changed or tweaked in farm management practices as we add new perspectives on our data, our farms, our soil, our weather and our crops?

Our Encirca Mission is to provide farmers with real-time crop insights the improve productivity, increase profitability, and sustainability for future generations.

At Schmid Ag Technology, we use Encirca Services as well as our new scouting tool to develop custom solutions that give the modern farmer the tools and the perspective he needs to stay ahead of the pack. To increase yields and reduce inputs in a sustainable and profitable way.

What could you change on your farming operation by seeing from a new perspective?

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