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Trimble Field-IQ Planter Control


Trimble’s Field-IQ crop input control system is a flow and application control system that prevents seed and fertilizer overlap, controls the rate of material applications, monitors seed delivery and fertilizer blockage, and controls the height of spray booms. The Field-IQ system runs on the TMX-2050 display, FmX® integrated display, and CFX-750 display. Each of these displays supports a different combination of Field-IQ functionality—giving you the ability to choose the interface option that fits your needs. Field-IQ for Planting and Seeding

Trimble AgGPS 162

AgGPS 162 front

AgGPS 162 Receiver The AgGPS 162 receiver is a high-performance GPS and SBAS (WAAS/ EGNOS/MSAS) receiver and integrated antenna in a single rugged housing for agriculture applications. The AgGPS 162 receiver features the Trimble TranscendTM positioning technology, which provides users with high accuracy and flexible solutions for the most challenging applications and environments. This technology is shared across multiple Trimble platforms from our lightbars and DGPS receivers to our high-performance GNSS products. Key features Exclusive OnPath® advanced filter technology for

Trimble Ag 25 Antenna

AG 25

AG25 GNSS Antenna: Announcement The Trimble Agriculture division is excited to announce the introduction of the Trimble® AG25 GNSS antenna. The AG25 GNSS antenna is a high-performance multiband GNSS antenna in a single rugged housing which makes it ideal for agriculture applications. The AG25 has been designed with the challenging agricultural environment in mind, where every satellite counts. It is optimized for better signal sensitivity on lower elevation satellites. This helps the user to track and lock onto lower elevation

Trimble AgGPS 372 Antenna

Ag 372 Antenna

Trimble AG-372 GNSS Receiver: Trimble Agriculture is excited to announce that the new Trimble® AG-372 GNSS receiver is now available to order. The AG-372 GNSS receiver is a high-performance GPS and GLONASS smart antenna receiver designed specifically for agriculture applications. This receiver uses the latest Trimble GNSS technology; it can track up to 44 satellites simultaneously while using up to 220 total channels from multiple GNSS constellations. Its GNSS receiver and dual-frequency antenna are integrated into one unit for simple

Trimble WM Drain


The Trimble® WM-Drain® farm drainage solution is a concept to completion toolset that streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and mapping steps of surface and subsurface drainage. The WM-Drain solution ensures optimal 3D drain placement, which improves crop yields by controlling ponding, optimizing root depth, maximizing planting seasons, and minimizing nutrient loss. BENEFIT FROM STREAMLINED DRAINAGE Complete all your drainage operations with one integrated solution improve Crop yields up to 30% inCrease operating effiCienCy up to 20% Compared to using

Trimble AutoPilot Steering System


  The Trimble® AutopilotTM automated steering system provides integrated, high-accuracy steering in any field type—hands free. The Autopilot system automatically steers your vehicle on line for maximum precision and increased productivity in the most demanding row crop farming applications. Enhance your farming performance and operate at higher efficiency by using the Autopilot system, and stay on line, all the time. When your vehicle is offline, the Autopilot system signals it to adjust its position to follow the correct path— no

Trimble EZ-Pilot Assisted Steering System


The EZ-Pilot® assisted steering system provides high-accuracy steering at an affordable price. When you are driving your vehicle the EZ-Pilot assisted steering system turns the steering wheel for you with an electric motor drive using GPS guidance from select Trimble® displays. While the EZ-Pilot system keeps you on line, you can focus on many different tasks, such as sprayer or planter performance, improving job quality and crop yields. Reduced Fatigue With hands-free guidance, the EZ-Pilot system allows you to operate

EZ Steer Assisted Steering System


The EZ-Steer® system turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and a motor with guidance from any Trimble® display. While the EZ-Steer system keeps you on line, you can focus on many different tasks such as machine performance and improving job quality and crop yields. Improved Operations The hands-free guidance enables you to reduce fatigue, improve safety on your farm, and focus on the job ahead of you. Easy Transferability With installation in less than 30

Trimble CFX-750 Display Package


The CFX-750 display is an affordable, multi-function guidance display offering key precision agriculture capabilities. This intuitive display allows you to easily perform day-to-day farming tasks, extend your operating hours, and enhance productivity on your farm. Display Features Mid-sized 8.0″ color touchscreen display Rugged construction for everyday field use 27 built-in LED lights Two video camera inputs High-performance, integrated GPS/GNSSreceiversPrecision Agriculture Capabilities Manual guidance and mapping Trimble® steering system compatibility Boom height control for sprayers Seed monitoring Two-product variable rate application

Trimble FMX Display Package

FmX_front view

The FmX® integrated display is an advanced, full‐featured guidance display for all your precision farming operations. This versatile display allows you to adapt as your farming business grows. Access leading‐edge capabilities to enhance your productivity in any stage of the crop cycle. Display Features Large 12.1” color touchscreen display Rugged construction for everyday field use Four video camera inputs Two high‐performance, integrated GPS/GNSSreceiversPrecision Agriculture Capabilities Trimble® steering system compatibility Implement control Row guidance Spinner speed control for spreaders Advanced seed